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All regulated activities conducted under the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000 (PGE Act) must have an approved Statement of Environmental Objectives in place with which they comply, prepared on the basis of an Environmental Impact Report. If an activity is deemed to be of Medium Impact according to the criteria for classifying the level of environmental impact of regulated activities then public comment will be sought on the Environmental Impact Report and it's associated Statement of Environmental Objectives.

Beach Energy Otway Basin Production

Beach Energy has prepared an EIR and Draft SEO for Onshore Otway Basin Petroleum Production Operations in South Australia. This EIR addresses both current and potential future petroleum production, including the Katnook plant and Beach’s petroleum licence areas, in order to develop a SEO that will address reasonably foreseeable future activities over the lifetime of any current and future facilities.

In preparation of the EIR and draft SEO relating to these activities Beach Energy commenced an initial stage of targeted stakeholder consultation in August 2018. This notice is provided to initiate a further stage of stakeholder consultation as required under the PGE Act.

The Minister for Energy and Mining is seeking public comment, under provisions of the PGE Act, on the following EIR and proposed draft SEO relative to this proposal.

For more information please see the Beach Energy Otway Basin Production in the Projects Section page.

Submissions close at 5:00pm on 1 February 2019