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Petroleum Exploration and Production System — South Australia (PEPS-SA or PEPS®) is a comprehensive relational database containing a wide range of technical data relevant to the petroleum and geothermal industries.

Free downloadable PEPS-SA

(Windows version only)

**No further updates will be available for PEPS-SA post 1 March 2018

A complete list of basic well information including well completion report status is included on the
Basic Well Information spreadsheet.

New open file production data is available here

A full set of data and software is available when extracted. 
Once you have downloaded and extracted the files to your computer, you will need to install the BDE software found in the BDE directory prior to running PEPS-SA.

**Please read the readme.pdf file in the Help folder for information on how to install PEPS-SA.

Download PEPS-SA from SARIG  (ZIP 75 MB)

Attribute database

PEPS-SA (Attribute)

Users can view the data in form or table mode (new), export individual tables or carry out complex multi-table queries and export the answer to various improved formats (Excel, Paradox or ASCII etc.).

The key data for exploration are the well and seismic line name. For each well or seismic line there are numerous attributes. In PEPS, key data have been allocated into comprehensive data modules, including geology, geophysics, legislation, licensing, wells and engineering. There are eight modules in total, comprising 95 data sets. (See table 1). There are substantive indexes to other types of data.

PEPS-SA includes the following modules:

Table 1 PEPS-SA© modules and data sets
ModuleData Sets
EngineeringWell abandonments; casing details; formation tests (open and closed); liquid evaluation tests; perforations; treatments; well tests.
GeologyCore analyses; cores; cuttings; available formation tops; hydrocarbon bulk composition; palynology; Rock-Eval; aromatic and saturated hydrocarbon analyses; source rock extracts; thin sections; vitrinite reflectance.
GeophysicsAvailable seismic tapes (including raw field data and processed data); seismic lines; seismic sections; seismic survey summaries; synthetic seismograms; seismic survey marks; seismic analogue tapes and uphole data plus field support data.
Log DataIndex to log paper prints; index of digital logs; log codes; log headers and bottom hole temperatures.
LegislationPetroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000; Petroleum Regulations.
ProductionCO2; crude oil; crude oil production summary; crude oil test data; crude unit oil; enhanced oil recovery gas injection volumes; gasfield reservoir data; Katnook gas production; oilfield reservoir data; raw gas deliverability; raw gas production summary; raw gas production completion summary; raw gas production; production graphs - production history (gas, oil), decline curves (gas, oil), completions (gas, oil), water ratio (gas), water ratio history (gas), average gas rates (gas), gas rate history (gas), completion days (gas, oil), oil cut decline, oil cut history, average oil rates, oil rate history, monthly production versus cumulative (gas, oil).
TenementsDetails - holder(s), operator, area, dates (granted, expiry) etc.
WellsBasic well data (latitude, longitude, total depth, kelly bushing, status, classification etc.); well completion reports (reference).

This version of PEPS-SA does not include the Core Photo images or thin Section Photo images. See
Please note - you need to install PEPS-SA database first to be able to access the Core Photo images.

PEPS-SA is a stand-alone package written in-house using Delphi.  It includes powerful querying, exporting, reporting and graphing options.  The data is in Paradox 7 format.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the quality of the data and software supplied, the Department of Energy and Mining does not warrant that the data or software contain no errors.  Additionally, the Department of Energy and Mining shall not be in any way be liable for any loss or otherwise incurred as a consequence of using these products.

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